Soyaconcept is a fashion design company located in the southern Jutland.
In order to make fashion clothes that are in tune with the times and fulfill the consumer’s dreams you have to possess a profound understanding of the nature of fashion. We have that understanding at Soyaconcept, and it is furthermore our ambition and vision to be the leading contender in the field of fashion for women when it comes to Value for Money. Our product is quality clothes, but at a price that allows our customers the possibility of creating a fashionable wardrobe from their own ideas without spending a fortune in the process.
Innovation, identity, personality, quality and simplicity are big words to use, but nonetheless these are words that are an integral part of the unique designs from Soyaconcepts.

Uncommon Thredz has been carrying Soyconcepts for the past 6 years. This fall they have some comfy cord leggings!!

We have sold out of the black at this time and have grey available. I have re-ordered and hopefully we will get some more soon!

Bali dress pants

I brought in black dress pants from Bali (a great line that is made in Canada) last season and they were such a hit that I have re-ordered them again this season in black, grey and brown. What makes them so special is the waistline treatment with 4 gussets of elastic,no zipper or pockets . The clean lines make the pant perfect for any of the new tunics, especially nice for someone that wants to enjoy wearing a tunic but not necessarily with  a legging. I am hoping they will be here in 2 weeks! I will let you know when they arrive!

Now its time to unpack the 4 large boxes that just arrived!!

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Fall 2012

Every once in a while I stumble on a new line that truly excites me! Alison Sheri is one of those lines that flatters all body types.  This is the second season that we have had Alison Sheri and what makes it so special is the fabric selection coupled with unique styling at an affordable price. This fall we have had an amazing response and as a result we have already re-ordered! Image